• "Ma San course" all 10 dishes 2000 yen Obaa

    2000 yen

    Okinawan food introduction.Offer seems Okinawa menu at a reasonable price!

  • "Mosquito maker Mae course" all 11 dishes 2,500 yen of Obaa

    2500 Yen

    So enjoy many kinds of Okinawan cuisine, is a full stomach you boiled tighten even platter, which is also issued by far is profitable! Okinawa celebration than ask a la carte!

  • "Nuchigusui course" all 12 dishes 3,000 yen of Obaa

    3000 yen

    The only course that Obaa boast of rafute can eat ★ course lots also dish such as Shimarakkyoyaumi grapes.It is truly "Nuchigusui (life of medicine)"!