"Mosquito maker Mae course" all 11 dishes 2,500 yen of Obaa
2500 Yen

So enjoy many kinds of Okinawan cuisine, is a full stomach you boiled tighten even platter, which is also issued by far is profitable! Okinawa celebration than ask a la carte!


● Today's dish

● Shimarakkyo

● sea grape

● braised Okinawa pepper

● Koo buoy Richa

● bitter gourd Chample

● Sobairicha

● Minudaru

● salad knitted tea

● Contact boiled tighten assorted

Soki meat, eggs beef wound, radish, konjac, kelp, burdock winding,

Pork winding of vegetables, your boiled tighten You Serve on platter.

● Blue Seal ice cream

※ all-you-can-drink yen +2000 (2-hour) / + 3000 yen (3-hour)